Overclocking,how and is worth it


Cooler Master Seidon 240M

Asus Z87-Pro

EVGA GeForce GTX 770 FTW 4GB 

will i see a performance jump worth the stress on my components?

the gpu runs at 125F at full load

under full load nothing else goes over 100F

after a playing skyrim all day i can touch anything in my computer comfortably excluding the ball of fire gpu

my room has a air conditioner that will keep my ambient temps at or below 70F 


  • 125F = 51.7C
  • 100F = 37.8C

Your computer is runner rather cool. If you overclock,  you have thermal headroom.

Here's a really good video explaining the good and the Bad: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPmDSYRKnXM

Like NJM1112 said, your gpu is definitely cool, so there is room. But Gpu boost 2.0 should handle it, if you tell it that you want the gpu to overclock itself automatically as high as it can go but don't want it go over 75c or 80c (example) then it won't. How ever i've been questioning what it does, it definitely doesn't go over set temperature but i have also noticed not overclocking and just staying at normal speed/temp which is annoying. Linus (in the vid above) has gone over this too, about how gpu boost will sometimes do what you want but sometimes less.

I typically don't leave my parts overclocked (Fx-8350 and Radeon 7850), but as you can tell by my low/mid range gpu; I don't game much. I find overclocking fun. If I've got some free time during the day I'll OC my cpu just for fun, kind of like a hobby. There is no real noticeable performance increase, but I don't max anything out by browsing reddit. You could squeeze out a few more fps by overclocking, but honestly with a gtx 770 there is no game you can't play. If my $160 gigabyte 7850 can play any game in my library (strenuous ones includes bioshock infinite, crysis 2&3, borderlands 2) at high/max settings at over 30 fps, your 770 is unstoppable. In all, overclocking is a hobby, not a substitute for some quality hardware

so i will see no noticeable benefit in my games? eh maybe after school is done ill mess with some oc.  im a shameless graphics fanatic 

There will be a small performance increase, but your 770 easily does over 60 fps in major games. Your monitor likely only operates at 60hz. You won't see a difference between 70 fps and 80 fps because your monitor is the limiting factor. Even if it could you'll have to ask yourself if playing games at 80fps is that much better than at 70 fps. And as an amateur overclocker, you will likely only be able to squeeze out 4 or 5 more fps. I still encourage you to do it. It is fun and very educational; just don't pretend that there will be any noticeable performance increase.

ok, i will give it a try when i have time

you have a really good CPU and a pretty good GPU

the way to make your games faster is to alleviate bottlenecks. In this scenario your graphics card is technecally the bottleneck. By overclocking that you will see the biggest performance increase.

I would Overclock the graphics card before the cpu, although Both are fun to do.

Since you have a FTW edition card it should OC fairly well.

i will play with overclocking it, i am surprised however that my gpu would be the bottleneck in my system  

Well games aren't going to utilize your cpu like they do your gpu. Only when gaming is your gpu the bottleneck. You have a very nice gpu. While not top of the line, It's pretty close. It's just that games are so gpu dependent and cpu independent that the gpu is always the limit. Watch some performance logs while you game. Your cpu was probably barely used. Now I wouldn't spend less on the cpu than you did your gpu, I think you have a well rounded system, a nice cpu is important for applications other than games. You could have a gtx Titan in your system and the Titan would still be the bottleneck when gaming.

when i have the money i wish to go sli would that alleviate the bottleneck ?

or would it be overkill for a  5760 x 1080 resolution (3 monitors) setup i wish to buy as well.

It will reduce the bottleneck but no it wont be over kill for your 3 monitor setup goal. In fact in some games it wont be enough. However when you add a third GPU, The GPU will not be the bottleneck anymore. It will be the chipset or the CPU/Mobo. There are work arounds for example a Motherboard with a PLX chip which acts like hyper threading for the PCIe lanes to the CPU but its far from perfect and thats where the extreme CPU's come in.

Honestly you have plenty of headroom for overclocking. Just remember there are safety restrictions put on GPU's to stop you from frying your investment though they are not perfect and there is still a small risk. There are ways to bypass those restrictions like I did with my GTX 780 Classified that lead to it outperforming Logans GTX 780 TI ACX... Just (Childish giggle) But as soon as you go that route you void warranties and are in the realm of frying your GPU if your stupid. 

If you overclock your GPU with slight voltage adjustments and a reasonable memory and core clock overclock you could see a 10% performance increase. Its significant but I personally run my system at stock or even underclocked because most of the time you dont need that performance. If I can run games with tripple buffer, no visual tearing and good response times then why put that added stress on your GPU? I only up the clock on my GPU when I need every ounce of power I can get like in crysis or far cry. Or benchmarking to show how big my dick is.

CPU on the otherhand I personally dont recomend overclocking early on. Sure its cool to get 4.8 on your CPU but the chances are its just going to reduce the life span of your CPU. Overclock it when you have a CPU bottleneck or if you really need that extra horse power for rendering and such. Also have to remember its easier to kill your CPU from over volting. Safe voltage recomendations for the average 4770k is 1.35 Air, 1.5 water and 1.8 liquid N. The i5 is a different CPU so you need to do research on the safe voltages there if you do OC. And even then the limit of any CPU is different. So take those numbers with a grain of salt. You wont seem more than 1 or 2 FPS difference ether with a CPU OC unless the CPU is the bottleneck like if the CPU is old and your running a GTX 1280 or something in the future or playing a CPU intensive game like Minecraft. And even then you have to think. Is it really worth that extra strain on your computer?

I say OC your GPU and find its limit. Then leave it at stock and save profiles for when you need more power. Leave the CPU unless you need that power.

This guy knows what he's saying. Finding out what your components  can oc to, but then leaving them at stock speeds because you don't need it most of the time. Theres no need to use extra power and wear down your parts. Know how to oc your parts for when you need it, and when you want to show off how big your dick is.

<p anon Found your comment really informative so I go to check your profile to see what your all about, and I couldn't help but notice that you have a GTX 780 and a 280x ? How does that work?

if they are in teh same system they will work- They just can't do the same thing at the same time, and occasionally you get some driver errors. 

I used an Nvidia & Amd card in my system for a while when That was the only option to have two DVI only monitors.

Don't quote me on this but I think it's all possible to have say the 280x doing openCl rendering (without cpu) and gaming on the 780 at the same time, since they're different applications

Yeah I remember seeing one of Linus' videos actually, I can only imagine that it would be driver hell though

Oh it was driver hell. But I didnt have it for long. Basicly messed around with it for a short while then flipped it to a guy who then ripped me off of $500. But thats a fun story. Still trying to get the card back after over 2 months. But if you have any questions, However anyone, feel free to message me. As I say, I dont know everything but I believe that the info is out there and if you tell people what to look for then well. Its better than holding your hand. Though ill help out where I can. I like to think I have one of the most powerful GTX 780's in NZ. Its definitely up there when it comes to air cooled cards. I should water cool it some time. Just to see what more I can get out of it. I was maxing the physical voltage limit, Not the software limit to get those speeds stable. I would like to know what more my card can give...

Cheers. Always good to know some people see the truth in the fields of false facts. I lose hope sometimes.


May the biggest Dick win!