Overclocking HIS r9 285

I decided to try and give gpu overclocking a first shot today. Stock core clock is 938MHz and memory clock is 1375mhz. I was able to get it to a core clock of 1050MHz and memory clock of 1500MHz. I did not change the core voltage or the power limit. I used the Tomb Raider benchmark with ultimate settings to find out my frame rates, Stock frame rates were minimum of 33.9, average of 46.5, and a max of 56.4. The overclocked frame rates were minimum of 38.8, average of 51.8, and a max of 62.3. How do you guys think i did? Also do you think i can continue pushing the memory clock higher? Have any of you tried overclocking this card as well? any advice would be greatly appreciated.

You are certainly on the right track.

Most people use a stress test program, like MSI Kombustor, to put their GPU to the limit. These programs really put the grind on your GPU to see what the limits are, so you know that you have solid stability, and are staying with the maximum thermal threshold. There is also a GPU monitoring tool, so you can see if you are throttling or not.

I have the HiS R9 280X, and I love it.

The only other advice I have to give is to be sure you're keeping an eye on the temperatures, if you are not. Try to keep it below 80C.

That seems a little low. What resolution are you pushing? That strikes me as 270/7870 numbers.

the 285 is not based on 7970;

its cut down version of 290; so same problems. The gpu will throttle down when temp is reached.
also don't push over 25%, things tend to break after that. (thats more of my personal exp)

Yea i was using fur-mark to stress it out and i didn't have any artifacting, however i didn't know about the temperature so i will definitely keep my eye on that. I appreciate the advice guys. thanks for the help.

You can usually push the core more than the RSM and in some cases higher ram speed can have stability issues for the rest of the card. It should like you are doing well though. She up a custom fan curve to deal with the heat and you might be able to get it ton1100 core.