Overclocking gtx 770

Hi all,

I just got an gigatebyte gtx 770 4gb edition.


There is definitely alot of potential to overclock as furmark cant even get the core to 65. However, Nvidia's strict over volting policy is really holding the card back.

On top of stock OC I am able to get another 100mhz out of it. Boost seems to push to around 1.3 Ghz. But there is more potential I am unable to unlock

I already modded the bios and set power target max to an extra 25% to get to 1.3Ghz. I am not sure what to do next. Temp target is 85, power target max is 125% , it fails to overclock more once it hits 105% power target. Furmark reports overvoltage limit is set to 1.

OC guru 2.0 allows me to set over voltage to 1.212V from 1.2V but the card never hits more than 1.875 V. This is the max voltage it will do. Changing under voltage to higher value also did nothing. Card is being help back by another factor.


Anybody has experience overclocking 770 to the walls before? The bios seems to have preset voltages for each boost state, I rather not mess with that if I can help it. There is a preset for maximum of 1.875, but they are 15 more boost states voltage sets after it, I am not sure why the card is stopping at that voltage step.

ASIC is strong at 90.2%.

^ This is evident from 3rd screen shot , it shows clock 38 with maximum voltage of 1.875. I dont wish to motify these values, I just want the card to overclock itself more, the values are already there...



screen shots from two versions of the Kepler Tweaker



could be your psu rails holding it back, or it could just be the card is at its limit, also fur mark doesn't really stress cards well anymore I can run it for hours staying below 60C, run Heaven or Valley and It passes 65C inside 3 min. 

For the 770, you have to check which voltage controller you have, and then see if it is compatible with the voltage unlocker



Im not sure about the 770 but I know with my 780 there was a tool that would allow for voltage control beyond the nvidia restrictions. As long as you were not hitting the max power consumption you could overvolt past 1.8v. Not recommended but I managed something like 1.35v on the core plus 1.24 from the pcie slot. 

The tool I used was called Classified.exe if it will work with your card, I dont know. I have my doubts but yes the card has pre set voltages for different frequencies and while there are tools out there to modify the bios of keplar cards, How up to date they are is questionable. When I last checked a few months ago they had all been abandoned.

the 780 is a whole different chip from the 770 so they have a different Bios setup. GTX 770 is GK 104, 780 is GK 110. The GK 110 is less locked down when it comes to voltage. 

I have the exact same 770, but sadly it's kind of a dead overclocker :(

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