Overclocking for 280x (stock cooler)

Im trying to find a stable OC for the 280x

The stock clocks are:
Core: 1050mhz
Memory: 1400mhz

My current OC is:
Core: 1200mhz
Memory: 1500mh

When I go any higher the drivers fail but my temperatures are fine (around 75 degrees C max) any advice on this?

I honestly dont really see a point. I have a Asus 280x that has 1070mhz stock, i was able to get it up to 1170, 1080 started to cause artifacts in heaven. What was the main and almost only difference i saw with the OC? it ran hotter which made me have to run the fan louder. I saw maybe a 2-3 FPS increase in games. I will take a inaudible 58 degrees over a audiable 75 degrees at the cost of 3 fps.

You shouldn't overclock past where your card can reliably handle. IT will shorten the life of the card. Not to mention that the gains aren't all that much, not worth it at least. The OC that you currently have is higher than what I see the 280x achieve in most of the reviews online which leads me to believe that your card can't handle any higher. IF it isn't the gpu temp that is the problem, it is probably the vrm temps that is causing the issue. Personally, with my 280x, I don't like to let it get over 65C. Anything over that seems frivolous as the vrm temps go up way faster than the gpu.


Edit: The cooler on mine is much better than stock though.