Overclocking an FX 8350

Hey guys


I need help overclocking my fx 8350, I have put together my new system about 2 months ago and am looking for a nice overclock for my cpu. The only thing is I have no idea how to do this. I looked at some forums for overclocking but I didn't know if the procedure varies for each motherboard.

Here are my system specs:

CPU: AMD FX 8350

MoBo: Asrock 990fx fat1lty killer am3+

Ram: g.skill sniper 1600mhz 8gb

GPU: AMD r9 290 tri-x oc

CPU Cooler: Corsair H100i

PSU: Corsair gs800-v2


With that board you should be able to basically get up to 4.6/4.7GHz without even touching the voltage. When you do have to touch voltage, just move the vCore up at the smallest increment available, restart, run a stress program (Prime95 is standard, but I prefer OCCT) and repeat until stable. If no errors are reported in the first few minutes of stressing, you should be good. Anything over 4.8GHz usually requires a lot more effort to keep stable.

Keep in mind that once you have it where you want it, let the stress test run for a few hours. Everyone always says 10+ hours, but realistically 2-4 hours is more than enough stability.

My CPU is only stable for about an hour in OCCT and barely even 10 minutes in Prime95, yet it has never crashed or shown signs of instability in "demanding" tasks. I'm not recommending you push it that far, but just something to think about.

The board he has is not very good at overclocking... MysteryAngel knew this better, but it was something about a voltage not being very stable... Something like that which kind of limited the board. Not quite sure exactly what it was, but she knew a lot better lol. Plus 4.6/4.7 on stock voltage isn't really possible anymore since the 8350's that could do that were binned and made into Fx-9370's and Fx-9590's :/ sucks but the 8350 should still have some overclocking headroom on that board   

http://www.reviewstudio.net/1514-asrock-fatal1ty-990fx-killer-review-designed-for-gamers-on-amd-vishera/test-bed-auto-cpu-oc-and-overclocking  From what little else i have read about this board Its a okay stock 8core maybe a light oc. Better suited for oc'ing a sixcore( maybe?) but becomes problematic when trying to oc a 8 core at modest to high overclocks. Vdroop is a pain.


That is a really good guide. The UEFI won't look the same but you still just change the same settings. It's straightforward enough.