OverClocking A10 6800k

About to finish building my APU rig and I'm looking to overclock.  I've never done this before, so looking for some advice.

CPU: A10 6800k

Cooler: Corsair H55

MB(Mini ITX): Gigabyte GA-F2A85XN Wifi

**Haven't ordered the motherboard yet, if there is a different Mini-ITX board that would work better, let me know.


How far should I be overclocking this to get the most out of the processor/integrated graphics?

I'm new to overclocking, but looking to learn so any guides would be appreciated!

Not sure on any specifc numbers but you're always going to have a harder time overclocking on a mitx motherboard just because the VRM heatsink is smaller. If you're building a mitx system this is probably something you need to take into consideration.

Also the H55 isn't the best cooler to be overclocking with, it may be good in smaller cases because of it's compact size but the 212+ EVO at max speed beats a H80i (set to performance) and the H80i is significantly better than H55. If you're looking to overclock I'd be looking for a better cooler, although you may find even with a slightly inferior cooler the VRM temps max out before the CPU does. In which case there isn't much you can do, short of mounting your own cooling solution on the VRMs.

I see.  I am working with a pretty small case, which is the reason behind the H55.  I probably won't overclock too much then. Any ideas on good guides for how to overclock this processor or any recommendations on the best way to overclock this?