Overclocking a 750ti - Safe overclocks!

Hello everyone, Ned here.

I recently built a machine, everything is well and I'm loving it so far, Although I really want to look into pushing my card, for a couple of days now I've been using the EVGA PrecisionX to test small increments on my card (Asus 750Ti strix OC edition) and have managed to successfully crash is twice, I managed to get it stable at a core clock of 1350Mhz and a mem clock of about 3150 Mhz.

I'm seeking help from a fellow person who has this card and has pushed it further, I'm really wanting to get the best out of this card. If someone could post a high-end config with the voltage, mem oc, and core oc all together that would be magnificent.

Thanks! :>

How far you can overclock your card is different for everyone, these guys seemed to get it pretty far http://www.tweaktown.com/guides/6907/asus-geforce-gtx-750-ti-oc-video-card-circuit-overclocking-guide/index4.html