Outputting to 2 audio channels

So I'm using windows 10 on a laptop, the downside to this is that I can't use my capture card. So I put it in my old dell.

What I want to do is use my headset and have the HDMI output the same audio. I tried a couple of programs. Voicemeter has this odd bug where it just messes up the audio, it sounds all staticy and glitchy. Virtual Audio Cable has this horrible second and a half delay along with a lovely watermark that needs to remind you that you are using the trial version every 5 seconds. Then there is the "Stereo Mix" under the "recording" table in the sound options in windows. Everyone just says to just hit listen to this device and select a different channel from your main one. Yet it never seems to pick up any audio what so ever or even output audio.

So I was wondering if anyone knew a basic program where I can tell it to mirror my headsets output to the HDMI out.
And for the record the headset can't have delay or at least noticeable delay, the HDMI on the other hand can, as I can just edit and re-sync the audio in post. I don't need anything fancy I just want my games like Counter Strike and Overwatch outputting to 2 audio channels.

You need stereo passthrou which I believe is only available with select soundcards and OS. You can use a third part program to do it however. I haven't messed with those much.

Alternatively you could wire up a splitter cable, but that will require some knowledge as you can't just slap wires together nelly welly.

I would use a splitter since there is a 3.5 input on the capture card. But my Headset is USB so I'm out of luck on any hardware solutions I can think of. Do you know of any 3rd party programs however? Other than the ones I mentioned =P

Its also referred to as Stereo Mix,

Quick search found this http://stereomixplus.com/

google search shows up a few options, you will need to experiment a bit.