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Out with the OLD


This stuff has been sitting here for almost 15 years. some of it is un used, and still in OEM boxes. I feel kind of bad throwing some of it out, but its useless and taking up space.


Most of that looks in good condition, would be a shame to scrap it now that a lot of retro stuff is selling well on eBay and retro computing videos do well on YouTube.

But I suppose most of it is in that zone of not quite being retro, and way too slow for even a lighter weight modern OS?

Unless you are in the middle of nowhere why not try to auction it off, buyer collects?

EDIT: There might be a couple of people (well, at least 1) on the forum who would love a late 1990’s PowerPC IBM Workstation. I am sure there are OS’s still actively developed that are compatible with the 604e which I think that RS/6000 uses :slight_smile:


Ya, Like i said i feel kind of bad. if someone where to be local to Minneapolis I would not mind grabbing a few before they go to a recycle.

Had 4 of these brand new in boxes still. I am keeping it as a wall peace.
It has both Intel and AMD chips plus its 12 inch long, and has a ruler on the edge to show the length.


There is a Buy/Sell/Trade forum here if you were willing to go that route for some of the stuff, and iirc there are some fairly active members somewhat close to that area.


I am totally interested, if I could get you interested in shipping it, for appropriate compensation of course. What would make it worth your time to package up one unit? I am interested in all of (If it was an option Ii would drive there and load it all up)



At least give it to a tech museum jesus


But its not. So please private message me if you would.


I dont think anyone likes being called a massive fuck


ya and most of its probably not old enough to really be museum equipment.
On that note their is an old series one in parts around here.


IBM fans would buy it.
The quality is insane.

One guy here adapted an old IBM case to new insides. IBM built cases for Armageddon


These are the model numbers.