Out of date camera option for webcam

I’d use my Sony NEX-C3; but, no clean HDMI output. If it was 1080p, I could crop it or something… assu,ing it didn’t have that 30 minute limit or something. Looking for super low budget options, this is for a webcam after all, which would require a capture card. Bonus points if it’s a Sony E-mount without lense for dirt cheap. 720p with clean output is fine. I can DIY a power brick to bypass needing to charge batteries.

if you can get a power adapter and firewire to usb adapter old apple firewire web cams are super cheap 720p/30fps you can find em on ebay cheap under 50$

i dunno the power draw but maybe a usb adaptor will be fine

I want to find something I can swap lenses on, and maybe DIY some adapters, like one for the Canon lens I have (busted body from that one). DSLR lenses on a mirrorless gives plenty of room for adapters.

i’ll probably use what I have if capture cards drop anytime soon. Should still be better than Kinect V1 I’m using now.

5mp camera with CCTV lens mount recently came out for the RPi. It uses some weird interface, so you’d need the Pi to stream video over a lan port, easy enough with ffmpeg.

Censor size? Link?

Details here

12mp, Sony sensor, C and CS lens support

damn, it’s tiny. cool though.