Hi Guys.

I currently work at a big box store in Australia as floor/night-fill staff.

I've been working on some software/scripts to automate the setup and selling of display/demo computers at the store I work at. It started out as simply a BATCH script with some sub scripts but is now a C# Windows Forms GUI that handles the user facing portion and a set of BATCH files and PowerShell scripts that perform the actual work.

The tool has a full set of documentation and is still in active development with hopefully a proper roll out to our region occurring soon.

Essentially this is what it does;

When setting up a new machine, OSIRiS runs through the following actions.
1. Renames the machine based on the manufacturers model number as extracted
from the firmware.
2. Sets a custom wallpaper based on the CPU type detected.
3. Deletes all the user accounts on the machine.
4. Creates two new accounts, 'Customer' and 'Officeworks' which has its
password set to whatever the user chooses. The ‘Customer’ account automatically
logs in on system start.
5. Configures a new power plan called 'Officeworks' that never sleeps nor
6. Disables 'Windows Update' to prevent the display machines from eating
all the network bandwidth.
7. Configures the 'OFW-Display' wireless network.
8. Sets the time zone.
9. Sets the time to whatever the user chose.
10. Configures the machine to automatically shut down at the user designated
11. Schedules a task to reset the wireless card on every boot of the machine.
This prevents the machines being in airplane mode at the start of the
12. Reboots the machine.

When selling a machine;

  1. Switches 'Windows Update' back on.
  2. Deletes the 'Officeworks' and 'Customer' users.
  3. Creates a new user based on whatever the user chooses.
  4. Copies over two cleanup scripts to tidy up the OSIRiS left overs on machine
  5. Creates a scheduled task which executes upon reboot and login of the
    new user account, this task bootstraps the cleanup scripts.
  6. Deletes the computer shutdown scheduled task and the Wi-Fi check
    scheduled task.
  7. Deletes the Officeworks power plan and sets the balanced plan as the default
  8. Disconnects the wireless radio and deletes the directory containing the
    profile data. It then forces a reset of the radio to make sure it's disconnected.
  9. Reboots the machine into the new user account or alternatively shuts

The GitHub repo for both components of the OSIRiS project are here.

The web page for OSIRiS and a copy of it's manual are available here.

Any thoughts or enquiries that you might have are appreciated, I pretty much want any and all criticism, good and bad.

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