OS Migration to SSD

I want to migrate my HDD to my new ocz vector SSD. Im doing it on my New ultrabook. I dont want to have to buy windows 8 since it came with my ultrabook.
How do i do this?
I have a usb 3.0 cable to conect my SSD to the ultrabook. But i dont even know if the computer recignizes it!?


I would not recommend having your os on a external device connected via usb. It is very easy to corrupt your it. You probably have to format the disk via windows disk managment. I think the format should be NTFS if you are going to have a os on it.

You can do it, but yeah, it causes more problems than its worth.

Windows 8 has a rather strange feature allow you to reinstall it, but i havent really tried it, and not sure if it actually allows you to make a clean reinstall or will it just remove all updates and other stuff from it.

AS for formating definetly NTFS. 

I would look into cloning the partitions over, you can also make an Image file from your current system and then restore it to the new HDD.

Its allways best to make a clean installation, they didnt happent to give you a serial number? there should be a sticker on the computer somewhere?