Organizing my MASSIVE media library

Okay so I have approximately 74 GB worth of music some songs have duplcates that are the same but others have the same name but are different versions. I was wondering if theres a automated where to sort through all these songs erase the identical ones, correctly go back and neatly organize the leftovers, convert the files to the same format and download all the album artwork?

Also I have a cheap AMD Phenom II 840 running on an AM3+ board, if I upgrade to one of the FX series 8 cores would the speed the processor be enough to dramatically lower the time it takes to complete the process?

Any help with this would be grately appreciated!:)

Only 74GB? I have over 200GB in my music library alone!

Anyhoo, the way I organize my music is by artist, then album, then each song in the folder in proper order, with all of the metadata set accordingly.

There are lots of pieces of software to set the metadata, and delete duplicate files, but for the life of me, I can't think of them, seeing as I haven't run them in so long.