Option A or B?

Which will be better for gaming and video editing purposes?

Will the phenom bottleneck the GTX 770 in option A?

Option A ==================

AMD Phenom ii x4 775 @3.8 Ghz

Asus m4a88TD-V EVO/usb3

Nvidia GTX 770 16gb

ram @ 1600Mhz

1tb HDD @ 7200 rpm

750W Power supply,

80+ gold

Option B ==================

i5 4670k


radeon HD 7850

16bg ram @ 1600mhz

1tb HDD @ 7200 rpm

750w. Power supply 80+ gold

option A) then try an source a 1100t cpu.   then in a year or 2 grab a new cpu/mb, lots of life in the gpu.

option B) lots of longevity with the cpu/mb, not a lot for the gpu. Great though if the games you currently like run well on a 7850. You could even throw in another card for some xfire fun.

It comes down to what you really prefer to favor - gaming or editing. The haswell will pummel the old phenom setup into the ground performance wise.

If it were me, i'd personally get option B. For resolutions like 1080p mid-low end cards like the 7850 perform ok. Plus all the new features you'll get by going to a new platform are worth it. You could even just go for a non-k cpu (you can still oc a decent amount by increasing the bclk). Will leave more money perhaps for a better gpu - 270x(7870) or a cheap gtx760 or even discontinued gtx670/680 if you can find one.

the phenom is really outdated now and discontinued,It will bottleneck the GPU pretty hard.Get a FX instead+another mobo

I think modify option A to have a newer processor (not that Phenom isn't amazing)