Optimized or overkill?

Building a $1200 -1500 PC. Going back and forth between 670/680 and the 7870. My criteria to meet is pretty straightforward.

I will be utilizing only one monitor (for now)

I will be gaming (BF3, farcry , minecraft)

I will be wasting countless hours on YouTube and facebook

Occasionally I will be doing some simple Microsoft office tasks.

 >>>My question is 2 fold. Is a 3gb video card just overkill?

And given my intended usage which card should I go with?


Thanks, Vinny


The way I justify things is "MORE IS BETTER! ALWAYS! MORE!"

You never know what you might end up using the machine for in the future, too.

Thanks for getting back to me promptly. Any suggestions on a specific card? I was leaning toward xfx  7870 GHz edition.

i have the 680 classified, and it runs quiet and cool, from what ive heard amd cars run hotter and louder, but i never had one so i cant say for sure, but im very happy with the 680 im sure someone with a 7970 or 7870 will share there personal experience with the card

Thanks for the input will definitely check out the graphics card!

I would say a 7950 like the msi twin frozr or his iceQ

The 7950s are great, but if you are on a smaller budget, a 7870 XT is great. Ideally, a 680 or 7970 would be best, with the cards switching out as number 1 as drivers update and change, but for a budget, 7950s are fantastic. More is better :)

I always buy the top of the line single GPU, and it almost always out lasts it's sell by date...


Still rocking a GTX 480 and smashing every game out there on top graphics settings. 

At one point, 1.5GB was called overkill....... the same is with 3GB right now, but that is true, but something will come out demanding more Vram in the future..