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Optimal fan setup input

I’ve set up my fans in the following configuration (with an additional side intake fan):

…and I’m using this case:

My cooling setup is the following:

  • 1x280mm Radiator top

  • 1x140mm top exhaust

  • 1x140mm rear exhaust

  • 1x200mm front in

  • 1x140mm front in

  • 1x120mm bottom in

  • 1x140mm side in

I was wondering if this is the optimal fan configuration, or if I should do things differently. For example, is the first 140mm top exhaust too much, as it immediately exhaust fresh air? Should the side fan be in or exhaust? Especially considering that my GPU’s fins are oriented in a way, that hot air is exhausted onto the mainboard and to the side.
(Also, negative pressure vs positive pressure?)

Are you sure about that?

What kind of behemoth of a system are you building?


Honestly I am thinking you can easily replace the 200mm intake with dual 140 intakes and have better results mainly because 140s have better pressure than 200 and will help suck air in through the restricted front…
Honestly you can get pretty good and super quiet operation of this case with triple 140 intake front, one 140 intake bottom, 140 out rear and 280 roof rad…
With good fans you can run them all at super low speed and have extra cool system…
Also if you already have those fans I see no issues with using that configuration…

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Hehe, I had these fans around anyway since I went a little overboard some time ago and purchased a bit to many fans :rofl:

I’ve also heard this statement a while ago, I figured a good 200mm fan could run slower with good performance. It would be worth to test though.
I can’t fit 140mm bottom, “just” 120mm…but I could fit 2x120mm at the bottom.
What to you think of the first 140mm exhaust? I’m worried exhausts cool air out of the system…

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The top rad, just one x 140 fan? not 2?
so is the radiator only 140 diagonal, or would it fit 2 fans?

I think he have the radiator AND additional 140…

Honestly I think you have way too many fans in your system… There is no kill like an overkill…

Dude, you have the system…
Remove a couple 140s and test with the 200 and dual 140s in the front… Check which thermal is lower, which operation is quieter etc etc…

… is best kill…

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As @psycho_666 has mentioned, I have the top rad with 2x140mm, plus an additional 140mm exhaust fan on top.

Me likes them overkills! :rofl:

Yeah, I could give it a test just for curiousness’ sake, but I thought maybe someone around here has more experience :wink:

Concerning the number of fans: For my old PC i purchased 2x140mm top exhaust fans and 1x140mm front intake fan as well as an 120mm exhaust fan. When I built my new system, I went with an AIO CLC and a different case. As a result, I ended up with so many fans…


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