Optical G700?



I was wondering if there was a wireless mouse with as much buttons as the G700 that has an optical sensor? I think the laser sensor in the G700 is a bit too precise and I thought an optical sensor would give me smoother movements.


I already searched around to see if there is anything I liked, but I couldn't find anything.

I looked at the G602, but I'm not sold on it for various reasons.


Wireless is essential because I absolutely hate having a cord on my mouse.

That many buttons are also essential because I have grown so accustom to having these that I fear I can't live without them.




dude... you want precision. you can adjust the DPI in LGS. i have a g700s, and I love it.

Precision is fine, I have the dpi on the maximum on my G700. Anything else would be too slow for me. I just think an optical sensor would give me smoother movements.

I would mess around with the dpi settings and maybe the polling rates. See if you can come up with a setting your pleased with and save. Logitech software is pretty easy to use. With a little flix of a finger i can scroll like a beast with my G700 love it. I do game with it but i dont really like the button layout. Next one is going to be a G600 or variant.

Don't get me wrong, I really like the G700. But if you try to move your cursor pixel by pixel you will notice it's really hard. I can actually move my mouse a millimeter or something and the cursor won't move and if I move the mouse a little more, the cursor jumps a few pixels like the mouse cached the movement. I also have trouble keeping the cursor on the same pixel level moving horizontally or vertically. I found both always quite easy to do with all my other mice I had and they were all optical.

Or maybe it's because the sensor is in the front of the mouse and that doesn't mix well with how I move my mouse I don't know...

I tryed it out , but i run a slow polling rate and a mid dpi setting. You might also look into your OS mouse settings and see if you can make some adjustments there. I didnt really have any issues pixel by pixel but its easier to do in (meaning the thumb side) then out. Fast settings might not help as much as you think.

I've set the DPI to 2000 and the mouse speed in windows to maximum. It's better now, but I have to move my mouse quite a bit more which is a bit uncomfortable for me. Maybe I'll get used to it.

Thanks for the help :)