Optical drive recomendations?

HI, just looking for a GOOD (less than $100) optical drive that can easily read high demanding game dvd's such as bf3, and other games that play on a cd. Is it best to go with a blu-ray then?

please leave your recomendations below with links if possible. Thanks!

dvd drives cost like 20 bucks dude, they don't make them in good quality, go with what's cheap, they'll all fail eventually and around the same time

also I'm pretty sure you don't need the game disc after you install it, probably cheaper to get it on steam anyways

For $100, spend the money on another HDD... get a $20 DVD burner... and install the games to HDD. 

I usually stick to LG or LiteOn, as technically, all drives are LiteOns'.  As Logan said, install games to HDD :)

Anything that can fit a DVD is enough.

Besides, there's like 0 games running from dvd these days, and if they are it's just for authentication, while the actual files are on your harddrive.