Optical audio cable 5.1?

So i recently managed to aquire a digital 5.1 audio set and hooked it up to my pc. I think i have too much wires behind it because the analog connecters gave buzzing noise. Then i decided to connect it using optical cable but this way it only gives 2.1 in everything that is not a dolby movie.

Does anybody know some kind of software to do on-the-fly dolby / dts encoding?

I have found that there are creative soundcards that support that but is it possible to do without spending more money, if not what do you guys reckon is the best value for money solution?

I am currently running it off the onboard optical on my Rampage IV formula in windows 8.1 enterprise.


thanks in advance, cheers

S/PDIF only supports two channel audio. So the only way is to us Dolby or DTS. If you use VLC there is an option to do convert the sound in to dolby in the audio options.

I know that, i've have found that option, that is what i ment with "everything that's not a dolby movie"

but i'm looking for a way to do on-the-fly conversion to dolby / dts / eax, so i can use this for gaming and music.

i'm looking for a way to do on-the-fly conversion to dolby / dts / "EAX"

I think you just answered your own question lol.

could you please rephrase my answer then, because i don't get it... :S

thanks and sorry for the inconvenience

Right after Dolby / DTS /


You need to buy a Creative sound card if you want to consistently output a 5.1 signal over spdiff.

That is if you want to keep EAX.

alright, i'll go find the cheapest one i can tomorrow and report if it works when i get it. thanks

I wouldn't go rushing out just yet.

There maybe someone floating around some of the other forums that may know a way of forcing 5.1 over spdiff.

Wait on a minute I'll just find something I was looking at a while back.  Just remembered.

This is a converter.


It looks like that but with Optical in to spdiff out.

Don't go buying the cheapest one.  Especially when it comes to creative.

Go for middle of the road.


Oh few more things I want to add.

For trouble shooting.

1. Test each analogue plug in an mp3 player or other audio output source and see if the buzzing noise persists.

This will be 1 way of determining which appliance is the cause of the interference.

2.  Try a different power outlet you may be getting dirty power from the wall or a bad multi-plug board.

So once you've tested those and if in fact the problem lies with the analogue output connectors on your motherboard then this is a good justification for buy a dedicated audio card.

And definitely do not buy the cheapest.  Audio hardware is an extremely long term solution always look at mid to high end products.  Otherwise you will end up with a solution that is worse than on board audio.

after all your comments i decided to try some cable management behind my pc and the buzz is gone. Thanks for your help!

i'm still disappointed that the R4F has on the box that it supports dolby, dts and eax signals but not actually has software support to do on-the-fly encoding.

I guess i'll now try to route my internal audio cable better as well so i can listen to my headset without cringing.

Yeah those chips are Realtek they just render eax through software.  You need a dedicated Creative card for hardware eax.  You also need to use Creative Alchemy to install the dsound.dll file into an eax supported game for eax to work.

Have a look at that sound card.  It has a dedicated headphone amp to keep you off that front panel connector, you can also switch between headphones and speakers through the software interface + the optical in and optical out.

Good card to get if you have the older eax games in your library that you like to play.  I guess that's where the biggest benefit would be.

Glad to hear you got rid of the buzz anyhow, enjoy your surround sound.


Much thanks, i will probably get that card then.

Allthough my neighbours have been complaining about the sound twice already, when it was on 1/8th of the volume. :3    So maybe this creative inspire 5700 was a bit overkill for a simple student :P. I think they will just have to learn to like black metal.