Optane P5800X benchmark on lInux?

Dear Forum, There have been several videos on the P5800X and I’ve been trying to figure out why mine (800GB) seems to be behind what was reported in the videos. I tried testing with fio (I’m on Ubuntu 20.04) and thus far I see both sequential and random perf that’s similar to another drive I have in the system (a Sabrent Rocket 4). Even the latencies reported by fio seem slow-- for both drives it appears to be reporting ~100 micros. I’m 99% sure my U.2 cable to the P5800X is PCIe 4.0. What are some linux benches I could run to reproduce the ~1.5 million IOPS / low latency that this drive should deliver?

Post your fio script and results? I can cross check

You might need to compile fio if your distros fio is super old…

If you have Aer on then you should get kernel messages about corrected pcie errors.v

Are you seeing 7.5 gbyte/sec sequential?

i forgot this existed! for the lazyweb like me, moved to here: Threadripper Pro + Optane (Asus WRX80E) -- not getting full performance?

with some benchmarks now …