Optane 900p on PCI express 2.0 motherboard

I have a ASUS F2A85-V PRO which has PCI express 2.0. I’d like to buy some fast storage so that when I upgrade to e.g. threadripper, I could use existing storage drive.

Price for optane 900p 280BG is nearly the same as for intel 750 400GB. Optane seems to be a good choice for me but, will it work with my motherboard ?

You are running quite the old platform there. So it may work but will probably not give you any benefits over traditional SSDs.
(Just to be sure this is your mobo?)

The Samsung 960evo 500GB costs arround $200 and has better read/write speeds and only slightly less endurance. You will need a riser like this one but still save $160 compared to optane.

Yes. That is my mobo. Thx for reply.

The last time that board had a bios update was 2015, so I’m skeptical of it NVMe support was ever added to that board. Any motherboard can use NVMe has a storage drive, but only boards with NVMe support baked in can actually boot an operating system from an NVMe drive.

That mobo doesn’t support NVMe so u would only be able to use the drive as a pure data drive. You won’t be able to boot of off it wihout some major tinkering.
And considering Optane is such a weird thing I would honestly suggest another NVMe drive if you still want that, otherwise just use a S-ATA SSD and you’re good to go.