OPNsense virtual deployment for test, NAT not working

Hello everyone,

For three days straight, I am trying to resolve one issue.

I have set up a test environment on my PC using VirtualBox.

There is OPNsense firewall, with three interfaces:
WAN - bridged with my PC network card
LAN - Host only network, so I can manage OPNsense
OPT1 - generic interface connected to MikroTik virtual machine

MikroTik virtual machine has three interfaces:
Two are internal and one host only for management

And one virtual machine connected to MikroTik.

Now, this VM that is behind the infrastructure can reach public domain, ping google.com etc and has Internet access.

I am trying to setup a NAT, so I can using firewall public IP reach the VM using SSH. Public IP in this case is my router issued internal IP…

But its not working!!! And rules, to enable ICMP, does not work!!! I am slowly getting insane here. Any help would be very appreciated…

I tested a different setup, using actual hardware, everything working as intended.

Maybe it is a bug of virtual environment and my home network. I used bridged adapter, maybe that was the cause.

no, bridged adapter should work.
I tested Virtualbox with PFsense a few years ago, but I bridged all interfaces.
It’s rather the only interface type I would use for a virtual firewall.