Opinions on these SSD's?

I already have a Samsung 830 for OS and whatnot, but I'm looking for a larger fast storage drive for my gaming/editing/workstation rig to store files before offloading to external storage, and these are the ones I found that I think are a reasonable price.



Crucial M550

OCZ Vertex 460

OCZ Vector 150

Corsair Force LS


 I'm not too familiar with ADATA since the only thing I got from them was DOA and I'm not a huge fan of the TLC in the 840 EVO. I like the M550, but I the specs of both OCZ drives are similar and they're both cheaper. I really like the sound of the 5 year warranty on the Vertex 150. The Corsair is only really there because I like Corsair.

Shame the Samsung Pro 256Gb is so expensive.

I would probably choose Crucial M550

After some more research I'm probably going to take the A-Data and Samsung off the list due to write speeds and reliability. That leaves the OCZ drives, the Crucial, and the Corsair. Maybe I'll watch the prices and see if any drop down a little so I can snag one on the cheap.

Ah crap, what is wrong with the evo? I have one sitting in front of me that I need to plug in. I figured it would be as good as the pro, but being the only ssd I have ever bought I figured I wouldn't miss the extra speed.

There's nothing really wrong with it, it's just mainly my preference and some synthetic reliability benchmarks. I don't really care for TLC in it's current form and there's a benchmark I was reading earlier that implied that the read/write speeds fluctuate a bit and the reliability is a little worse compared to MLC drives. That was over something like 600 TB (roughly 50 GB a day for many, many years) which is much more than what most people will ever go through, but I might be using whatever SSD I might end up getting heavily for a few years and I want to minimize the chance of issues popping up without breaking my wallet.

Hopefully it stays solid then. The price was right paid about $140 for the 250 GB model so I probably won't complain once I actually plug it in.

Just bought a Crucial m500 for my parents computer and It has been working great for a month now it is plenty fast too.  I have read a few places that the m500/550 are some of the best ssd's for the money right now and I would agree with that.