Opinions on Fist of the North Star

Would you guys agree kenshiro in one of the most badass characters you have ever seen?



Has anyone seen this

As an anime watcher i unfortunately haven't seen it

No one has seen fist of the north star, wow


this is dissapointing......

He's pretty badass. There's also this guy...

best opening in my opinion, now all anime openings are just pop with the exceptions of yoko kanno's openings

Raoh from Fist of the North Star's show opening


why is there almost no male vocals in anime openingsnow days 

I would say that it is awsome, Even though I only just watched the whole thing a few months ago i've been a fan for over 10 years

One of my favorite oldschool style Animes. That along with Space Pirate Captain Harlock, the original series from 1978-1979, not the newer ones.

I got both TV series the movie and the legend of dark king but I'm not going to watch the live action FotNS ever again...

The live action version...



The live action would be impossible unless it was a series, and  they had a budget like game of thrones does. They would need amzing special effects for it to look good

Most, if not all of the live action movies made of Anime typically end up being scripted and cast by morons who have never even watched the series or read the manga that inspired their creation.

I've watched a abridged paraody of the first 5 episodes by the weeklytubeshow, its on my list as well as black lagoon

Fist of The North Star was good for an action movie. It was very 80's action movie though.If you like that post apocalyptic world you should watch or read Tank Girl.

If you watch legend of the dark king before episode 44, you will like raoh instead of think of him as evil. I will check out tank girl now, I watch anime until 4 and sleep in so another 2 hours