Opinions/advice on my build?

I'm just looking for some input on this build. I.e. What could be improved, How could I save some money, etc. 

I can't go over this price, In fact I would appreciate if someone could show me where I could save some money (Without sacrificing much performance). Also, I'm not too sure about the RAM I chose, any pointers there would be great. 

Thanks in advance.


Link: http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/user/S34nMc/saved/2IB5


GPU: HD 7850 is a bit more powerful than a 650 ti, and around the same price.

Case: Core 1000 is a budget FD case.  If you still like the CM case, go ahead and take that.

WiFi Card: TP-Link is a decent brand.  If you like the Asus, it's only 2 pounds more.

I can't find anywhere else where I can skimp out on.  The motherboard is decent for that CPU.  Just get an HD 7850 as it's more powerful than the 650 Ti.  The other options I chose save a couple pounds here and there.

Thanks! I think I will go for the Asus card, It seems to get better reviews.