Opinions about this PSU?

I was going to get a raidmax, but I was told that it frys your components, so I was thinking about this one.



Please reply ASAP. This was a very last minute issue.




Looks fine to me, not the biggest fan of thermaltake but it has the feature list to justify the price

Great so is that true about the raidmax PSU's?


What about this??


Tell me what you think about the two as a comparison.



Raidmax are terrible. Steer clear. When my father had his blow up, he opened it up and couldn't believe how it even worked in the first place. He took it to work to have a laugh with his tech savvy buddies.

Ok so good I am making this change??

Just get the Thermaltake it's better for less money with that discount.

Ok will the OCZ work?? I already ordered it.

nononono, send it back!!!!!

ocz stocks dropped 45% 

seasonic, xfx, corsair, or gtfo

I have a raidmax PSU, been running for a good year now. No hiccups. Stay away rom eagletech

OCZ is not that bad. at least it is 80 pluse cetified :-)


OCZ makes good psu's. They are just a bit loud.

For quality, price and brand

this is my chooise

1. Cooler Master or SilverStone, 2. XFX or Seasonic, 3. Thermaltake or Corsair

I think number 1. is the best brand and quality on the market

they have psu line, bronze, silver, gold and platinum 80 plus

second place is in mine opinion  XFX or Thermaltake

me personally always buy CoolerMaster or Silverstone depends of price, better cables .,...

Those two are the best.


Who's with me?

ocz is going under. hence titanic reference

best is seasonic. xfx, corsair, CM and maybe thermaltake basically take the guts of seasonic psu's and put them in their own casings

but I have heard good things about the modXstream series

Enermax and bequiet get better reviews then seasonic. Just an fyi. They are more efficent and bullet proof.

OCZ power supplies have terrible issues with coil whining, so unless you want your computer to sound like a cat getting hit by a train over and over again steer clear.

Anything from Seasonic, Corsair, Silverstone, Enermax, Cooler Master, XFX, or Thermaltake should be fine.

... there's a reason why everyone reccomends seasonic-made stuff.... it's fucking reliable...