Opinions? 5820k 4790k FX8350

Hi i am looking to upgrade my systems which is quite old running i5 750 @ 3.99 ghz, cant seem to handle my video /illustrator/Photoshoping as well as it use to.The problem is i want build it and keep it for a good 3-5 years (will upgrade gpu and ram when need more). Is the performance between 1150x2011-3 really that great? Do people thing amd will bring any new competitive cpu cores any time soon?

For gaming, the 4690k seems to be the sweet spot. You can get the overclocking needed to get the high core speed which games like, which having enough physical cores for most applications. For gaming alone, the 2011v3 socket is overkill at the moment. For content creation, however, the 2011v3 socket makes some sense. If you need a lot of ram, if you need a lot of pcie lanes (for add-in cards, and multi gpu configs), if you need a lot of strong cores, then that is the choice to make. Decide for yourself if the increase in performance is worth the extra cost. Benchmarks below.





Depends on price , I got cpu + mobo + ram for 700€ on X99 , whereas you could get the same ( xeon , mobo , 16gb ) for 470€ .

I would go xeon for best bang / buck or 5820k for pure performance .

if you do allot of video editing rendering, and other productivity stuf, then a 5820K will definitely a good buy. But yeah X99 does come with a premium price offcourse. But if you wanne keep your setup for  longer time, then i think the X99 would be worth it. Especialy if this system is your everyday tool, to make money with.