Opinion on budget gaming laptop plz

Don’t have a rig at min am able to buy a hp Pro 4730 with an i5 2410m and a radeon 6490m 1gb 4gb system ram for 100 English rupees can’t find much about em gaming and have to put in a decision ASAP as its on my Facebook feed anyone have one and if so does it run crysis 2 3 and gta 4 5 at any acceptable level? Thanks for your time which is of the essence. Ty :wink:

dont buy HP laptops. their board firmware tends to be very buggy and they do evil things like PCI device whitelisting.

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You would do better to hunt at recycle centers that have a tech store. Very popular thing in the US, wouldn’t be surprised if its there too.

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Hmmmm… so basically a small step up from an intel 4000 iGPU.