Opinion, AMD MUST change there next socket size to stay relevant for the enthusiasts

Look, AM3+ uses 938 pins, and more pins does not neceserally mean better performance, Intels lowest grade processors use 1155 pins. I'll say it as soon as I can, I am an AMD fanboy, but I cannot defy the facts. AMD's socket is bottlenecking every 8 core they put out. An enthusist is someone who will go out of there way to buy a new motherboard for something like steamroller. The problem is that I can put an Athlon ii x2 on an AM3+ 990FX "Enthusiast grade motherboard." Intel's 6 cores use more than double the fucking pins. WHY is and AMD 8 Core only capable of 1866 Dual channel memory (Yes you could use 4 DIMMS, but its not ideal for performance) Does anybody else agree with me? AMD needs to seperate all 6 and 8 cores from AM3+ and build a BIGGER and more importantly better socket. Steamroller doesn't come out until 2014 apperantly, so they better be doing something amazing because piledriver only took 1 year. This year for AMD was a TIK and as an AMD Enthusiast I and all others deserve the TOK. Bulldozer was not a TOK, it only improved cache. It was worse than Phenom ii in most areas. This makes piledriver only 10-15% better than Phenom II. Why has it taken us a whole 3 years to make a measly 10% better in performance. I still run my 1100T because I have no reason to buy a 6300! I want to buy something else, and intel is just calling my name, but i wont do it. Agree or disagree, and why? 

pins have nothing to do with amd's lame ass memory controller, more pins doesn't mean faster memory it just means more channels of memory

and its perfectly normal for a $129 CPU of the next genneration to be trading blows being on par with the previous sockets $200-250 CPU and uses less juice while its at it

6300 vs 1100T, same performance a lot cheaper, a lot cooler


8350 vs. 1100T, smokes the 1100T, still less than what you paid for the 1100T


intels chips supports up to 1600 ram, its the motherboards that Push it to 2666, 1866 is just what its rated for, now the reason you can't get your ram anywhere past is because you are using

  • A: a cheap ass motherboard
  • B: a old ass motherboard



as far as your argument as only a 10% increase since the last socket you obvilously don't pay too much attention to history

1156 vs 1155


this also further debunks your argument that MOAR PINS=MOAR POWA since they actually reduced the amount of pins

if you say well they only reduced it by 1 pin then tell me how much more powerful a 3820 is than a 2600K even though it has twice as many pins?


ivy bridge uses the same amount as sandy yet here it is going toe to toe with a 6 core i7 with twice as many pins, while it losses a few benches it actually wins a number of them while the other are about the same


now get your ass off the gigabus(ter)


amd is sticking with am3+. there is really no need for am4. the processors are not bottlenecked, and pcie 3 is a joke. besides, only intel does tik-tok. and the 6300 is alot better than the phenom. and it's dependant ubon your mobo for ram speed, supposedly, asrock amd mobos can support the full range.

Just thought I'd link this... http://teksyndicate.com/videos/inboxexe-0022-fanboys-must-die

??? why? non of us are fanboys. otheres may support full ram speed, but I know for sure asrock does. and pcie 3.0 IS a joke at this point in time. amd will likely have it with excavator

. I'll say it as soon as I can, I am an AMD fanboy

Wasn't directed at you.

ok, sorry, i have had people accuse me of it before, thought you might be one of those.

Slightly confused lol

I thought that intel has the more powerful cores because of the way they use data and not the number of pins lol?

that is correct

I sure hope they use AM3+ That way I can just upgrade.

ops post..... i think it just gave me cancer....


The only Two things AMD needs to step up is There Memory Speed Capability and Single Core performance, id like to see a new socket but if that can get all the features i want on AM3+ without have to go through other controllers and do it oN chip i definitley wont be buying intel unless they have something thats much better.

Why would i buy an 8350? Is it cheap? YES. But if i can buy a 3930k with the money i have, then why not? AMD just doesn't stack up to intel. Yes i bought an 1100T, but a 6300 just runs cooler, thats it. You dont have any arguement for AMD as far as performance goes. They just cant be compared. Wether it is architecture or pins or cores or whatever else, they need to change something.

There processors aren't bottlenecked? So your saying that AMD processors just are terrible because they are? 6300 is not ALOT better than phenom. Why doesn't AMD offer something for the enthusaist? Why do they have to compete with an unlocked 4 core? 

there still life in current socket set, intel only change there's to get money out of people, any way if rumours are true come 2014  intel will be out the socket game all together, just search for intel broadwell if you doubt me, there a lot out there which would sugest it is true.