Operation: u.p.g.r.a.d.e

Hey, I'm upgradeing my rig for graduation, and I wanted some opinions on the parts I chose. Thanks in Advance!

Current System:

CPU: i7-3770

Motherboard: Asus p8 h77-I

GPU: Nvidia GeForce GT 620

RAM: 16Gb Adata

HDD: Seagate Brracuda 2TB 7200RPM

PSU: Generic 350W PSU from god knows where 

Upgrade Parts:



The h60 isn't really a good cooler so i chose the tc12dx. It cools much better for a lower price. The ssd you chose i swapped it out for one of the fastest 120gb ssd on the market, if not the fastest. And lastly chose a xfx psu. As there much higher quality then the corsiar cx series.


The dark night is supposed to be better than the h60 (cheaper too) and i would go with a 7950 instead of that graphics card.

Agreed, the 760 and 7950 are roughly the same, and the 7950 comes with 4 free games.

I would, but I want the CUDA cores of the GTX 760

And you need them for?

Premiere and photoshop

As far as I know, buth Premier and Photoshop support OpenCL. In that case, I'd get a Firepro.

I also need a card that plays games and stays on budget

I personally own the Asus p8z77-v lk and I can say it's amazing. The only downside is the number of fan headers, it only has 3.