OpenSUSE Tumbleweed Installation problems

I’ve got a little problem with OpenSUSE Tumbleweed with my laptop. It’s a Dell Inspiron 7559 in UEFI Mode for the BIOS. Every time I want to install it for some weird reason it would not fully boot into the installation media (ISO burned in USB) it will just put a splash screen with the “Installation” along other options and so I select Installation. Then it just goes into a black screen with a loading bar a the bottom. The loading bar goes full but it never does anything else, it just stays there fully loaded bout nothing more.
I’ve tried reburning the ISO, use un-official live ISO’s, etc.
Any ideas?
Btw, I’m running Solus but I want to install Tumbleweed just for gaming and some video editing, mostly because of the new packages and kernels available with some testing.

What version are you trying to install and what is the hardware of what you are installing it on?

If its OpenSUSE LEAP forget about it. The kernel version is too old and you need to use tumbleweed to get something with a recent kernel for GPU’s (>=4.10).

I don’t know which version it is but it is supposedly the latest snapshot available on their website.
The laptop has Core i5, 16gb ram, 256gb ssd, nvidia gtx 960m

This is what’s gonna give you headaches. Leap 42.3 ships with kernel 4.9. I don’t own any nvidia hardware and try to get it working in linux but I found documentation that might give you good starting point.

Read up on it here, linked for convenience.

1.4 Update of Kernel Graphics Stack

On openSUSE Leap 42.3, the upgrade of the graphics stack up to 4.9.x kernel code is provided via the package drm-kmp-default instead of backporting many patches into the kernel itself. Usually, this package is installed automatically during the OS installation when a corresponding graphics device is found on your machine.

The KMP gives users also another benefit: You can roll back to the 4.4.x kernel code by uninstalling this package. If you face critical issues, like a hung GPU, try to uninstall the package as shown below, then reboot and retest:

zypper rm drm-kmp-default

The thing is that I want to install Tumbleweed not Leap because of the newer packaging available for it

Its a video issue.

Just add nomodeset=0 to your boot parameters. The link below is a fairly old example, but it still kind of works. The only difference is you want nomodset=0 vs just plain nomodeset.

When you install and reboot, you will need to add the same parameter. Once you install nvidia drivers and bumblebee, you should be good.

Okay I will try it and see what happens