Opening windows files from an android app running in WSL

New here, i hope i am not too much of a bother.
I combed the web looking for this answer but i didn’t find it (granted, i might just be blind).

Short question:
How do you open windows files from inside a phone app, running in Windows Subsystem for Linux?

I installed WSL on my Windows 10, because i wanted to use an android app so i could view some files from my PC without using the phone, unfortunately for me, there is no real alternative in windows for that app.

The thing is that there doesn’t seem to be a way for the app to open files inside windows, and i don’t really know how to make the files available for WSL either.

Any help would be appreciated, i don’t even know if i am searching correctly.
Thank you in advance!

Total Commander is available for Android, and it can access files shared via SMB (= Windows default way to share stuff over the network).