Open-Source IP Camera viewer/controller

Does anybody have any suggestions for IP camera viewing/controlling (PTZ) software that has a clean, easy to use webUI? I would like to place cameras in a remote location (PoE) and be able to not only view and control them, but assign users to log into a webUI to view them as well. I have looked into MotionEye, but PTZ control is completely absent.

I’ve used Zoneminder, worked well. Trying Shinobi now.
Both open source software. The hardware you have to put together yourself (not hard).

I looked into zoneminder but havent put my hands in it yet… i’m not so concerned about motion detection, my primary needs are

  1. Clean WebUI that is user-based access

  2. PTZ (pan, tilt, and zoom) camera control

  3. Live Streaming (I don’t care too much about framerate, but a real-time image is a must)

It does all of those. The ptz support depends on the camera. I have a couple foscam pan tilt cameras and they worked fine.

Shinobi streams better, as its built on NodeJS. Zoneminder has a little cleaner UI.

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Thank you for your help!

I’ll dig into zoneminder then and see what I can do. I’m currently using Lorex gear and their NVRs, DVRs, and all associated software SUCKS. not to mention their (complete f*cking lack of) customer support.

If you use zoneminder, be sure to check out zmNina too.

2 more alternatives:

I believe Xeoma’s primary strength is compatibility. looks nice, but I don’t have hands on experience with it.