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Open source alternative to Loom?

Hey guys,
Anyone used an open source alternative of the screen/cam recording software Loom that they can recommend?

Would OBS do what you want?

Or maybe would simple screen recorder work?

Possibly… Could OBS have my face in the video while recording the screen like this:

Yes, something like this, just capture the whole screen instead of a window, then put webcam capture on top of the screen capture.


Dude, this is dope - thanks so much ! :slight_smile:

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sorry for necrobumping this, but is there any way to set up OBS to easily upload videos online automatically after recording similarly to how loom works? Manually uploading and waiting to upload before I share the link with clients takes a lot of time. Somehow Loom gives you a share link like 5 seconds after you are finished recording - maybe they are uploading in real time. Any way to setup OBS to do something like this with a video hosting service?