Open Perpetuum Project

Some of you no probably remember a mmorpg robot sandbox game called Perpetuum, from around 2012. Well, in 2017 they shut down, and at the last minute opened the server side to the players.

The Open Perpetuum Project was born.

It is now 2 years later and I have recently joined the game, and found an awesome community. There seems to be Eve players making the move also, I only played Eve briefly enough to realise I didn’t enjoy it, so if that’s not your cup of tea that doesn’t preclude Perpetuum even though many reviews compare the two. You might enjoy it.

The client is from the original devs, on Steam, linked from the Open Perpetuum site above also.

It is set on a bunch of islands, there are PvE based Alpha Islands, and Beta Islands are open PvP. I was terrified of going to a Beta Island but found a good corp that lets me pick flowers in peace or mine, and join in on intrusions etc when I want. I’d say there’s something for everyone.

There are videos on the blog (on the main site linked) and outlines of the 2 year anniversary bonuses that are applied until the 19th.

I also tested on Proton on my dual core i5 laptop, (turned on for all games in settings) and it “just works” perfectly.