Open Camera vs Google Camera (Rematch Fall 2021)

Here we go again. Giving the LATEST editions of each camera a go at each other.

See prior competition. Most remains unchanged except versions of the software being the latest revision and it being Android 12 with the Pixel 3 XL having the latest firmware and PVC update.

Photo 1 (Top GCAM Bottom OpenCamera)

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

Photo 6

Photo 7

Photo 8

Photo 9

Photo 10

Photo 11

General Conclusions:

though the saturation and tone curve seem to be better in open camera Google camera retains its superiority in detail and the ability to take a photo even when shaking. It also retains its ability to be modified so that you can change tone curves wavelets and shadows and all the curves that you can imagine including chroma denoise and luma denoise as well as patching in saturation and sharpness levels. I will be doing that later to make the saturation and sharpness levels match open camera so that I have the best of both worlds.

Open camera still falls behind and unfortunately nothing can be Google’s machine learning techniques. That’s probably going to be the status quo for a very long time.

I will be working on the latest version of Google camera and it’s PX mod to make it a very good camera. The Opencamera is a smidge over saturated as well. Stay tuned for changes in the blog thread

Google camera also retains the superior wide gamut color space and raw ability. While I would love to have raws that’s just too much space. The DCI-P3 color space is a really nice one in comparison to SRGB. So for the time being open camera just doesn’t touch Google

Google VERY MUCH pulls ahead at night. Which that just proves the power of processing and good software. The openCamera is great for people who dont have the capability to run the Google Camera (non Pixel series phones)

I also likely will be moving to a Pixel 6 pro when it comes out because the specs are completely whack

Google 2 OpenCamera 0

Go Google!

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Well done! Salt Lake City seems like a lovely city to live in.

I seem to like the warmer hue on the open cam. It seems more lifelike, the Google cam seems cleaner though. All in all, theyre both good enough

Working on modifications for just that! Maybe ill export it as an XML if it gets really good

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I like the saturation boost of the open camera in night shots where light is diffused and not concentrated in a single spot. All the other pictures are way better on the Gcam, even if they lack a bit of saturation, in my opinion.
What I still don’t like about the Gcam is the noise in the image: it looks so jarring being like fingerprints in fresh paint.

Is there any way to denoise open camera image with black frames and white frames directly on camera? That would net better pictures for sure!

The Open Camera seems really, what’s the word… Vivid? Very saturated in a way that looks more like what layperson would think as a ‘good photo’ compared to being more true to reality. Which is kind of surprisingly given my previous experiment between GCam, Open Cam, and Mi Camera on Xiaomi Mi A1, I recall Open Camera looking the most ‘drab’ out of the three.

Btw, this is a bit off topic, but does the Open Camera and Google Camera “no location data” truly no location? I don’t know enough about image metadata to know how to check for them…

yup you can check the EXIF tags in each

Updated saturation modification with LIBPATCHER photos from GCAM

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your going to have to expand on what you are asking for?

In photography, especially astro photography, is customary to take some pitch black images and pure white images in order to gauge the random noise your sensor in your camera is producing in order to remove it more effectively without letting generic algorithm figure that out.
So I was wondering if the PVC would be able to do such thing automatically when snapping a photo, given the required frames, through open camera.

its absolutely capable of it. Ill see if its possible. I will also toss the idea to the google devs as an advanced setting

Since astrophotography mode does that currently.

It is. I often call the place the Skyrim of the US. Because the land looks like it sometimes.

Im going to post a bunch of photos not my own SAUCE: UNSPLASH

So yeah its pretty nice out here (@SgtAwesomesauce make your decision on the choice of state yet :troll: )?


got any good software that does it automagically?

Can you do the same for R G and B with chroma noise?

DeepSkyTracker, Siril or Sequator.

I don’t think you can with those softwares, but I’ve done it with Matlab in the past and it gives alright results, borderline too muddy.

got a script? I could write my own but that would save me time. Im very familiar with matlab and image processing took a class on it.

Capstone was using camera to aid in a self driving autonomous lawn mower do its work

Not anymore. I was checking if it was still in my thesis on CV, but looks like I axed it out in the end in favour or using a point cloud for my project instead of using 2D images (got to work with those fancy Intel cameras).
Sorry about that.

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No worries I can write my own :wink:

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