Open air cinema


I want to host a open air cinema this summer. There are going to be around 100 peoples so I need a big screen. The best way is a projector. I don’t know a lot about projectors when it comes to admitted light or contrast. I need your help.

As of now I plan to use my own Benq W1000 as renting a projector is quit expensive. The cinema will start around 11 pm so the sky should be dark by then, even in July. Will this work with that projector. I used to calculate but I don’t know all the units and what they stand for. 4m (13feet) screen would be fine for me. Can I do that?

Thanks for your answer

Janick Spielmann

so the screen that link is showing your ok for is normally called a a 6x10 as in 6 foot by 10 foot screen in AV parlance. Your 2k lumen projector if new will probably be about as low as you can go in a pitch black or close to pitch black environment.

If your Projector has a lot of hours on it It will probably not be much more than 750-1k lumens in brightness, Projector bulbs degrade very quickly when talking about none LED based projectors.

do not forget to bring out some good speakers as a 100 person crowd will demand a decent PA system to be intelligible for everyone.

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