ONT and router for Frontier Fiber?

What is a good ONT to use with Frontier’s fiber service?

Single mode or multi mode?

I’m so green with fiber.

Also, what would be a good router to pair with it?

They make your provide your own ONT? Every Fiber ISP I’ve ever encountered ships you their ONT

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You can use your own equipment. I used to work for Time Warner cable as well as Charter SPECTRUM. The quality of equipment they would give the customer was terrible.

I’m assuming the same will be true for Frontier.

I’m looking for higher quality equipment with more functionality than what they deploy to customers.

Well, you probably know a lot more already than people on forums like this then. To my knowledge no one has gotten a new ONT to work on Frontier yet, though you are right it should be possible. I looked into it a while back but it was just too complicated for me to try and figure out. And the people who do have knowledge of PON configuration to do such equipment swaps usually dont post on forums like this for help since they dont need it, so learning about it can be difficult. I know a few people have tried (and failed) to use XGS-PON SFP+ stick modules directly in their routers but could never get them configured right to work. Not all modules will work for this, I believe you have to get one that is capable of being given a MAC address and can accept a VLAN config.

Frontier uses 10gb XGS-PON for their 2.5gb system. They have 2-3 different model ONTs they give out for the service. One has a 2.5gb RJ45 and a 2.5 MOCA port on it, one has 10gb RJ45 port and a 2.5 MOCA port, and I saw someone say before they only had a 2.5 MOCA port and were required to use a box to change from MOCA to Ethernet after the ONT.

edit: some reports now also of a model where the ONT and router are together as one unit. Dont know how true they are, as that would seem like a weird config for them to have.

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Right on. Thank you. Once I get the fiber drop installed to the house I’ll let them install their equipment and ask a whole bunch of questions. Sometimes techs know what they are handling, sometimes they are trained zombies and are just collecting a check. I have a feeling I’ll have to ask around and do some research on what kind of equipment I can use. Bleeding edge. Yay.

This is for ATT, but may be applicable to replacing the Frontier ONT as well:

Basically sounds like any replacement ONT or PON SFP stick you get you will want to be able to edit your config somehow to probably copy the values for those things like versions, vendor string, etc from the original Frontier ONT into your new one.

If you manage to get it working let us know! There is very little info about ONT replacement available and I know id be interested too.

This one may work for you as it says it is programmable, supports MAC address, etc. Basically an ONT in a SFP+ form factor that you can plug into any router with an SFP+ WAN port. From what I can tell it supports the right wavelength and transmission modes that Frontier XGS-PON network uses: