Only the USB3 ports on my Display port KVM are working?


I’m new here so sorry if this isn’t the best place for this question or if this isn’t allowed.

I did a bunch of reorganizing today of the wires coming out of my desk: I was removing a PC from the KVM. Put everything back together, with one less PC in the KVM and now only the USB3 ports work (the one in the back and the one one on the front).

Any ideas as to why? Again, all I did was remove a PC and reorganize some wires. It’s not the PC I’m using, or the devices, I’ve been able to replicate the issue, etc., and pin it on the USB3.

My initial thought is that maybe it’s a power delivery issue - only enough power for the USB3 - but that still doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t understand why anything changed at all to be frank.

Thanks in advance for any insight.

Edit: it’s rather obvious, but I’m referring to my Level1Techs DisplayPort KVM

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