Only 100Mbps connection with Proxmox and Realtek RTL8111H on the ASUS TUF B450M-Pro Gaming

I finally got all parts for my new nas but setting up proxmox I noticed that I only get 100mbps speeds on the motherboard nic with the RTL8111H chipset. I looked into it and it seems it is an driver issue.

My mainboard:
I followed this blog post: but the first method with dkms doesn’t work, I always get some errors wile compiling with dkms. The manual method works with the drivers linked in the post and the most up to date drivers from the realtek website: but only with a max speed of 100mbps.

My gigabit switch and the ethernet port on the motherboard both have a orange light indicating that the link is running 100mbps and an iperf speedtest to another server which has confirmed gigabit wroking has a max speed of 94.2 mbps. I have tried multiple cables, ports on the switch but nothing changed. Is there any way of getting gigabit to work?

I also went back to Proxmox 5.4 to test if it would work with the 4.15 kernel but this didn’t work either.

I already ordered a dual gigabit nic with an intel chipset but it probably wont arrive until after the weekend and I am just hoping that I have overlooked something.

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