OnePlusOne VR Help

So I just got the plain jane google cardboard goggles for cheap and says it can handle 6in screen, however it's a little small. Anyone use the OnePlusOne in vr? If so what goggles do you use?

I had purchased these

They are not too bad and Side by Side video from youtube worked pretty well.

Did you have to mess with it to get your OnePlus to fit? I'll have to try them, just messing around with this cheap cardboard one has me pretty excited on watching movies and trying some games on my phone.

Nah it's was pretty simple. Just line it up in the middle and set the little lense adjustor to the max lense width and it came out lined up good. I have a case and the phone sticks to the suction cups easily. The sandstone back may not stick very well. Have not tried it. I can try in a bit.
Just wish I had a 1440P or 4K screen. 1080P at this distance is like watching is 640x480 video.

this one looked good

But if your Oneplus fits no problem with the case (I got a cheapo otterbox look a like on ebay) I will try that one out. Just don't want to spend that much on something that wont fit ya know haha.

Yeah deffinitely. If you want to throw headphones on as well. There is a slot on the right side to allow the headphone jack to plug in.

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Oh nice, was going to ask about that too. Thank you for the help, now I will not have to buy and return headsets tell I find one to fit haha. Love my Onplus but it is a big phone, seems like the goggles are all on the small side.

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Yeah, the adjustable strap is nice too.
It came with a little magnet thing to work as a switch or something but not sure if it works with the O+1.
Might be for a specific app since touch interface will be disabled.
That other headset looks like its got a bit of padding so the plastic is not forcing itself on your skin.
I think I might have had the strap a little tight since it would leave marks on the top of my cheeks and forehead.

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