OnePlus X Opinions?

Hay, I'm thinking of getting a oneplus x from a lg g3. Sadly the first day i shelled out $300 a sim pin on the lg g3 broke and well i was fucked. So since I've kinda cut my losses and am looking to pick up a new phone instead of getting the lg g3 repaired which would cost around $100+ anyways. What are your thoughts on the oneplus x and is it worth it?

The build quality for me has to be top notch i dont wanna go around holding a brick lol. But the specs for it arn't that bad for the price. Really tempted to pick one up after my lg g3 broke ;(.

What do you think?

OnePlus Two you mean? There's plenty of youtube reviews on the subject. Most whine about the usb type C that has no quick charge, no NFC and some complain about the snapdragon 810 which is said to be very hot. Also some experience problems with the ROM but if you are not into tinkering your OS to your liking the OPT isnt for you anyway.

The goods are obvious and presented in the OPT marketing material. Great specs, a pretty good size for an average hand etc. Looks cool too and is cheap compared to what you'd have to pay for similar specs on a samsung/apple branded device.

Na oneplus announced the X its a more budget oriented product. But not yet readily avaliable (as usual with oneplus) its very fresh, so have not seen any review yet.

For the OnePlus 2 I will be able to give my 2c in a view days... its somewhere between china end europe now

My vote is still the original oneplus one. I love this thing. Its got a tad bit better specs and last I checked the 64gb model could still be had at $300 on the oneplus site.

Oh my bad, that's what you get for not watching the latest tek before posting on any new topic on these forums...

I wrote that response before watching the show ^^

im actually looking forward to it, i like phones with glass backings and expandable storage is a big plus for me, but i am hoping that the company itself can keep up with managing two phones at the same time.

The One Plus X is a piece of shit. A 2500mah battery is not enough. I would buy a 16gb one plus one used for $150.

Since you can buy the original oneplus one 64gb New on the oneplus site for $300, don't even consider the X, just go for the one.

I love my OnePlus One, but after one year that plastic frame has some scratches and dents and in the gap between said frame and the screen is always a bit of dirt build-up.

I would love to have the upgradable storage option from the oneplus X though.
I think the 2500 mah battery is fine for a 1080p 5" display phone. Should still last almost 2 days.

And there really is no other option. Get a Oneplus one or the X....everything else on the market is $hit. I wanted to get a Nexus 5X because of stock android...but 16 and 32 gb and not upgradable? Wtf google?! Who is this phone for....your mom??

Alright ill take a look at that one.

Thats what i was thinking. It only has a 1080p screen so 2500mah didnt seem so bad. And expandable storage well, is amazing and dual sim feature even though id prob never use it is a nice feature aswell.

I was actually lucky enough to get an invite to purchase a one plus X on Thursday around 11am (central time) i signed up for an invite around 5am that morning and i heard there will only be 5k invites to north america, pretty lucky if you ask me =D. i will purchase mine with my invite on Thursday when they go on sale, and ill let yall know what i think.

i have a nexus 5 that has undergone 2 screen replacements, 1 swim in a sink, being rooted and cyanogen mod installed. its about on its last leg (battery sucks too) i'm really looking forward to a new phone =D

and as far as the specs go, i think it is plenty for the price. i dont need an 8 core phone, 4 with 1080p and 3gb is plenty for me.

It'll probably cause a drop in price for the One Plus One so that'll be nice, dunno if I'll ever actually spend more than 50 bucks on a phone though

Maybe invest into a caterpillar case or something alike ^^ it seems your phones need to be tough