OnePlus Two Notification Light Problems

I'm sure it's just a bug in OxygenOS 2.1.1 as the notificaton light works when the phone is charging, but it doesn't work when I get a notification, it either doesn't blink or light up if it's off the charger or if it's charging, then it just stays red consistently. Anybody know of a way to fix this or should I just wait until the next update to go fooling around with settings and ROM's?

That seems to be rather specific to yours as mine is working as expected.
Red = charging
Green = full charge
blue = notification

Check what color you did choose for notifications.

I've tried all of the colors unfortunately :(
Nothing has worked yet, I've been researching it a bit and apparently there's quite a few people having this issue.

Than I am one lucky bastard. I use blue as notification... maybe that's a color that works?

I've tried that too, but I'll mess around with it and see if I can't find something to work. Thanks man!

Sounds like something specific to you, my notifications work normally, maybe do a full charge cycle or a phone refresh if that doesn't work

I have :c I've reset it to factory defaults, cleared the system cache through recovery, etc.

do notifications in general not work? I mean I use 3rd party messenger, and calendar. Maybe that's why it works for me.

Notifications themselves work, but they do not activate the notification light no matter what app they come from. I've even attempted using apps like light manager to force it

Yeah what apps are you using, maybe there's something weird going on software wise, I really only use Facebook Twitter and email

The stock Messenger (I have tried different ones, i.e. Textra and Signal), and various social media apps

Stick with signal, even if its not solving the notification problem... I am on a mission spreading encrypted messaging =)

I love signal, though it unfortunately has issues when transmitting MMS messages

I have to admit, that I never ever sent a MMS... they always were to expensive with our providers... e.g. 1€ vs 0.05€ for a SMS. and since than ... well for catpictures I use WhatsApp XD

Nice xD