Oneplus one shipping

I don't understand how they ship their products! I ordered my OPO 12 hours before my friend and he already got his phone today because they sent it to him on saturday. They sent mine today (monday) and it's still in fucking London. It really sucks because now I'll have to wait until wednesday or thursday. We live in the same city and still they sent it two days later to me. I really hope it's as good as everyone says because it sucks waiting. And just so you know if you're going to buy one, it's not worth paying for express shipping because tomorrow it's a week since I ordered it! :/

Yh, I heard about that shipping 'issue' too. No idea why all that is.

I am still waiting for an invite, and I am starting to think maybe it's better to spend a little bit more and get an S5 from ebay. The one thing with the OPO is the quite dull colour representation compared to AMOLED screens... also no (easy) access to battery and no ext sd card...

Idk, just tired of waiting for >A PHONE< especially from some Chinese newcomer manufacturer - no offense to anyone.

For me the shipping only took three days, and the whole ordering process took 6-7 days (I ordered at midnight lol).  It may seem like an eternity for it to arrive, but trust me, it's worth it.

If you participate in the OnePlus forums frequently, you should find yourself with an invite quickly.  It just takes a little effort and patience.

But don't worry about the screen's vibrancy, battery life, or storage.  In my personal experience, the battery lasted all day, keep in mind I'm a power user who is constantly writing essays and taking notes on his phone with the occasional game or two.  The screen is also very vibrant in my opinion and doesn't have the infamous "yellow tint" issue that others have reported.  Maybe it was just a bad batch that had the issue.  I've taken dozens of videos in 4K and dozens of pictures at the 13MP resolution, but I've barely taken a few gigabytes of the phone's 64GB.  So expandable storage shouldn't be necessary.

I ordered mine Sunday night and it is coming Friday (Tomorrow).

getting an invite is actually quite easy. just requires patience and a little luck.

just go into the Invite section and spam F5 until a "first reply gets invite" topic comes up. i got one after like 30 minutes of pressing f5 every 30 seconds or so.

I know this thread is a bit old but I had ordered my OPO on Wednesday morning after receiving an invite and unfortunately the website still says "Shipment Pending"

That was the 15th, I live in California and most that do live in California received their OPO fairly quickly, literally 2 days after purchase. I had expected it to be in by Friday but to no avail, the status still has not changed. Oh well, might as well keep waiting and hope it comes in tomorrow or Tuesday.

Hey if you have any extra invites please give one to me I want this phone so bad


Go over the the OPO forums - I have heard that invites are plentiful over there.

there not


They're actually really common on the forums, you just need to be active and patient.  I received one even though I was only active for a week.

EDIT: Anyways, we really should stop using this thread.  The invite has already expired or been used by now.

There was never an invite available on this thread in the first place, it was more of a confusion with the shipping even though OP had ordered theirs before their friends.

Either Way One +1 has the pre-order incoming on the 27th

Glad i got mine the day they came out

Just got mine today, so glad that it finally came in. Purchased it Thursday morning and, so 5 business days I suppose. In California by the way. No issues at all, and no yellow tint present at the bottom of the screen.