OnePlus One Raw Image Stuff

I watched the video about the raw image capability on the OnePlus One the other day and I stopped after work to snap a few pics. The editing capability is pretty amazing, I'm sure someone who had some idea what they were doing could really do work with that stuff. I don't do much in the way of photography so I grabbed a free alternative to Lightroom but it seems fairly capable. Anyways, a couple samples of what I came up with. I put the original jpg and the processed image to compare. Managed to make a couple look worse but that's the power of not having a clue.

Pretty nice! Hopefully i will be getting a one plus one in the following weeks :)

The raw image capabilities of the one plus one blew my mind. I mean what other ways can you take photos the way your eyes see it? On a phone? truly amazing. 

oooo i especially like this one