OnePlus One and TbayTel

Would anyone be able to find if I would be able to use a OnePlus One 64GB with tbaytel, i called there and they said it needs to be hspa compatible but i don't think it is that simple. Thanks

Well, not quite that simple, but close enough. You need to compare the frequencies, but more often than not, most carriers use standard frequencies. T-Mobile is the only carrier I'm aware of that uses a different standard

According to this forum post: 
Your phone needs to support 850/1900MHz bands. The OnePlus One is capable of 850MHz and 1900MHz. I'm not sure if the One would work with the 800MHz band, but it should work in areas utilizing the 1900MHz band. It will work with 2G for sure. 

I will say that the modem is part of the SoC, and the OnePlus One utilizes the same Snapdragon 801 SoC as the Galaxy S5, and the Galaxy S5 is on sale on TbayTel's site, so my guess is most any  phone with the Snapdragon 801 chipset would work.

I says yes it will work.

From what I see from their website, all the devices they offer use these bands;

the OnePlus One operates on these frequencies.


It works with Bell/Virgin, Rogers/Fido, Telus/Koodo.

Checking out the user manuals that TbayTel has linked on their site for the phones they offer in particular the Samsung Galaxy S4 is the i337m the same version of the phone that the Big Three offer. 

I have just recently moved from the i337m to the Oneplus One and my coverage is the exact same on Koodo at least.

It also looks like TbayTel is running on the same UMTS frequencies as the Big Three.

So is there any direct confirmation?