One word... ONE WORD

Holy crap, just one word from Reggie's mouth, and everyone in the comments go apeshit. Whether you may like Nintendo and their lineup and their systems or not, whether you are some fanboy of MS or Sony, whether you are PC gamer or elitist, you have to admit, driving 2 very whiny fanbases insane with just one word is very impressive (and honestly I think the launch lineups for Xbone and PS4 are unimpressive anyway, but then again, they're launch titles)

Because Nintendo WII U had a great line up right? oh wait there still isent anything to play on it antill 2014 lol.

The console babble is just geting boring and out of hand lately, i just whant them to come out so i can point and laugh at them when thay cant diliver anything 'next gen' sorry to say it but 'next gen' looks like my old last gen pc.

oh yes second son, killzone shadow fall, ryse are all on impressive but Mario and zelda is, even though its the same crap we've had for over 3 decades but the fanboys never bring that up. Mario is even more repetitive and money whoring then cod but with absolutley no story.