One USB port not working?

Hey guys, I've recently built a new gaming PC and just today I noticed that my USB 2.0 port on the front panel does absolutely nothing. Nothing lights up and there isn't a single notification as to why. I even tried to charge my phone on it and that didn't work either. This is my case:

and here's my motherboard:

The USB 3.0 port works perfectly and so did the 2.0 port. I think it might be from a ton of updates that windows installed a couple of hours ago, although I've tried restoring it and it doesn't help. I've also tried disabling and enabling the port in device manager but to no avail. I would really appreciate it someone could help me out.

Check for the newest motherboard drivers. If you know what brand the USB port is check there too. first you should check to make sure it's all hooked up properly on both ends of the cable, I've ripped off the solder before while doing cable management.

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