One plus 3 snapchat sound/video quality

Hey guys so im 18 and I love going to concerts...but oneplus has let me down on the sound quality of snapchat videos. Currently I have a OnePlus 1 and im sure some of the Oneplus veterans out there know what I mean when I say the sound is crap. When bass hits the sound immediately dies like the phone just got stomped on and I know Apple doesn't have this problem. I really dont want to go to apple just becasue Oneplus cant get their crap together on sound qual. Can someone help me out here and tell me if the sound in snapchat does the same thing as it does/did with the OP1?

As a long time OnePlus one owner, I have never experienced what you are talking about. I only really do pictures on Snapchat though, not a ton of video, so I haven't really ever tested to see if this was the case on my phone as well.

Have you used snapchat vid on ur OP3 at a concert or anything with really loud bass?

Didn't Logan get an OP3?


if only he would reply on this thread....we all know hes taken it to a concert :'''''D

If I had to guess I would say @Logan probably hasn't gone to a concert with it considering the comments he's made saying how busy he is, and also because I would think Logan would be someone that would enjoy the music and not be snapchatting it instead.

Lol ur right but its worth a shot ¯\_(ツ)_/¯