One of my current builds - The Mini Fridge

Just figured to pop my cherry as my first time here on the forums, finally (since I was too lazy to sign up), that I'd share one of my current Frankenstein builds. You'll see why its practically Frankenstein, new and old. Also, YouTube's comment system is broken enough that it finally influenced me enough to come here and mingle :P


This is a link to my latest video on the rig, with details on how I acquired many of the components. Maybe one day I'll do a video on every rig I have, but for now, this will hopefully be my main video editing rig, gaming rig for streaming/gameplay, and.. well, just my man cave rig. I currently use a decent little HTPC in the living room for most of my game time since its on a 50inch Plasma, an older Samsung, but does the trick very well so far. Anywho, heres the link and I'll list the parts below. Isn't it amazing what you find on Craigslist? :P


Antec P180 ATX Case

Athlon II X4 605e

8gb of Corsair Vengeance 2133 (running at 1600 currently)

Asus M5A99FX PRO R2.0 (Same as Pistol's, was dying to get this one finally, should last me a while)

Coolermaster i600 80 plus bronze psu

XFX Radeon 5770 1gb (as said in the video I may be flipping cards in and out of this system to see how things run)

LG M-DISC Capable optical drive (who cares right? lol)

cough..amd stock cooler..cough.. (til I get the 8350)

1tb Seagate Barracuda and 120gb WD Caviar SE (beer reviews storage lol)

And soon dropping in either a Samsung 840 EVO, Kingston Ssdnow V300, or Adata SP900. Perhaps even a HyperX 3k depending on price. So far the V300 is back at 69.99, a steal, but I'm dying to see if that EVO goes down in price. That would be the creme de la creme for me.

Damn you got some good deals. Where I live all the bargains are eaten up right away.

This might sound weird, but you have an interesting voice.

Just endless searching over periods of time lol. In ways it can be an expensive hobby? but in other ways no, especially if you get things for pennies on the dollar. I recently built a core 2 quad system for 35 bucks with parts found on craigslist, asus sli board and all.

Lol thanks :P I do voice acting on the side and actually in this video my voice was a bit, eh, throat's been weird lately. In a bunch of my tech videos I've gotten compared to.. Sean Michaelsl I believe? ewh, but then Will Arnett, and then surprisingly one of the guys that did a voice in Deus Ex, which regretably I never got into that franchise. I'm looking for more animations to add my voice to.

I just picked up a set of pretty decent 2.1 speakers for $15 today from craigslist. What state do you live in if you don't mind me asking, just wondering because craigslist where I live (Southern California) gets a lot of buisiness.

Fahhhhh east cooooast